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Initial consultation is free

This meeting will allow all of us to become acquainted. during this consultation, a pet profile is created and all the necessary information regarding your pet's needs are gathered.  
This vital information will become part of your pet's file for future service.


Pet Sitting Visits for Cats

$16.00 per visit - 1 to 4 cats

$18.00 per visit - 5 or more cats

Includes the following basic pet and home care duties:

* Fresh food and water

* Playtime

* Administering medication

* Scoop litter box

* Taking garbage out to the curb

* Bringing in mail/newspapers

* Watering plants

* Home check, altering lights, drapes, and/or blinds. Alarm security system.

Mid-day Potty Break for Dogs

Mid-day potty breaks for dogs

$12.00 per visit

Potty breaks are available between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. This short break is designed to allow your dog out long enough to go potty. This service is ideal for clients who work long hours. Monday through Friday only, and a minimum of 3 visits per week, is required.

Heaven Sent does not charge extra for holiday visits


All basic services included in pet/home visits:

 - Mail & newspaper brought in
 - Plant & garden watering
 - Alternate lights and security checks
 - Feed/water
 - Poop/litter scoop
 - Trash removal
 - Lots of tender loving care!


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